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PM proud over ‘historic’ cut in petrol rates

We are bringing, claimed the PM, historic cut in rates of petroleum products despite sit-ins and protests, which caused huge loss to the economy.

“When we leave, we want to hand over the other government a prospered and developed Pakistan,” he said while addressing a Cabinet meeting here.

He said not a single person in the country believed that general elections of 2013 were rigged. “There was no rigging in May 2013 general elections at all,” he said categorically.

He said those hampering the economic progress of Pakistan should review their approach.

Mr. Sharif said various head of the states including Chinese president were due to arrive in Pakistan but they cancelled their visits due to sit-ins and law and order problem in its wake.

We are trying to recover losses incurred through sit-ins, he added.

The PM said sit-ins caused delay in development projects.

Petrol rates are reduced from Rs 104 t0 94.19, while Rs 6.18 are deducted in diesel rates. He said benefit of reduction in petroleum products’ rates should reach the masses and provinces.



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