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PM says ‘resolute to face challenges with nerve’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says he never gets frightened and expressed his determination to face any challenge with courage.

In his address at a ceremony in Islamabad, the prime minister said that bringing down the load-shedding volume was not a piece of cake, and hastened to add his government did it efficiently.

“I don’t want to do politics based on eyewash.”

What the government that had won the election in 2008 did for the country, the prime minister questioned.

The PM also took exception to PTI’s sloganeering of ‘Naya Pakistan’ and said he could not yet see the ‘new Pakistan’ promised by some people.

He said soon after taking reins of the country, his government planned a strategy to eliminate terrorism and address load-shedding menace and revive the overall power sector.

Mr. Sharif said none of the erstwhile rulers strived to root out terrorism from the country.

He underlined that peace in Karachi has been restored, “and we won’t let this momentum fade off. The efforts for long-lasting peace in the Sindh capital will continue.”

He said the exports have registered 6.2%  increase in the country this year in comparison to the last year, which was significant.




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