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PM Sharif taken to task for not raising Kashmir Issue with Modi

According to details, neither there was any discussion on Kashmir, nor on India-backed insurgency in Baluchistan in an hour-long meeting between PM Sharif and Narendra Modi.

A joint release issued after the meeting, which read both India and Pakistan agreed upon talks between national security advisers of both the countries in New Delhi, DGMOs meeting and release of arrested fishermen within 15 days.

In joint press briefing, Indian foreign secretary said that PM Modi accepted Nawaz Sharif’s invitation and that the Indian premier will be visiting the neighboring Pakistan next year.

Pakistan Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry told the news men that the prime ministers of two countries agreed upon making joint efforts to curb terrorism.

According to the joint release, India took up the issue of Mumbai attack, but the Pakistan PM failed to recall bloodletting in Kashmir, nor was there any mention of Indian interference in Baluchistan, all what he remembered was his friendship with Modi.



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