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PM Sharif threat to democratic polity, says Khursheed Shah

ISLAMABAD: Leader of opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah says Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s decision not to resign in the wake of Panama Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report posed grave threat to democratic polity.

“When democratic system was under threat from dharna (protests) back in 2014, we stood by the prime minister to save the system, but PM Sharif is threat to it now,” Shah said.

Responding to JUI-F chief Moulana Fazalur Rehman’s statement, he said, “We supported the primer minister back then for the sake of democracy and now demand his resignation in the best interest of the system.”

The JUI-F chief had urged the PM to stand his ground on the resignation demand and was critical of the opposition leader for pressing the PM to step down.

Since the release of the damning report of the JIT about the Sharif family’s businesses, the clamour for his resignation has grown louder with the opposition adamant on his resignation.

While categorically rejecting the JIT disclosures that he and his family were involved in money-laundering, the premier has vowed not to resign and contest the allegations against them in the Supreme Court.



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