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PM Sharif vows Green Bus Service in Karachi, end of power shortfall

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service, PM Nawaz Sharif announced a reward of Rs 50 million for the ones who put in their efforts in the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service project.


“This is no other country, but Pakistan itself which is changing,” he said. “People of twin cities can now move easily, while the project will also greatly facilitate the students and those on outing.”

He said that the project, which was completed in a limited time despite several obstacles, is a ray of hope for the country.

The premier also announced Rs 50 million reward for the ones who put in their untiring efforts in accomplishing Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service.


PM Sharif vows Green Bus Service in Karachi… by arynews

“We will try to provide batter travelling facilities to the citizens of Karachi and the federal government is soon going to launch Green Line Bus Service there,” said Mr. Sharif, while addressing the ceremony.

He said that under his reign electricity tariff was reduced by Rs 5.50, while the benefit of cut in petrol price in the international market was also relayed to the masses instead of filling up the treasury.

The prime minister hailed the national leadership for reaching consensus on all national issues including terrorism, national action plan (NAP), Chine-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and others.

He said that the Peshawar-Lahore-Karachi motorway project is also underway, while Rs 30 billion have been allocated for the western route.

The PM vowed to connect Khunjrab with Gwadar through motorway.

“Whatever development took place in the country, it occurred during the democratic periods, while all the wars broke out during dictatorial regimes,” he asserted. “It shows that the democracy delivers and it should be allowed to deliver. All the institutions including media should realize the very fact.”

Our government restored peace in Karachi, putting extortion, kidnapping for ransom to an end practically over there and restoring liveliness of the megapolis, said PM Sharif.

Speaking about Mastung tragedy, he said that the enemy has come down on such lowly acts of killing innocent and unarmed citizens, but it is our commitment not to take a sigh of relief until the last elimination of last terrorist on the soil.

“These have been the challenges which we inherited, but we will drive the country out of them and steer it to the path of development and prosperity”, vowed the prime minister.

“The government is working and it is working on every front and the people will soon witness the results,” he concluded.



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