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PM soon to decide fate of bifurcating PIA

KARACHI: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will decide future of Pakistan International Airline (PIA)’s bifurcating into PIA I and PIA II after his visit to Azerbaijan.

Sources said Pakistan Airways shares will be sold to PIA, while Pakistan Airways will be handed over all the operational activities.

They said Aviation Division has prepared a summary regarding Pakistan Airways for the anticipated meeting with the PM. The summary will be approved in a meeting chaired by the premier on October 16.

PIA will pay all the liabilities of non-functionary organisation in PIA-II.

PIA will become PIA-I after buying all the shares of Pakistan Airways, while PIA-II will pay all the debts of Civil Aviation Authority and different routes of the world.

Privatisation commission has also called an important meeting in this regard which will be attended by chairman PIA, chief operating officer, chief executive officer and senior directors.

Highly informed sources told the corporation has devised strategy for PIA-I and PIA-II. The meeting will decide outsourcing some important departments of the organization like flight kitchen, medical, training center and marketing.

While, flight operation, cabin and cockpit crew, finance, IT and admin departments will remain under PIACL control.

Some departments of engineering section will be under PIACL control, while overhauling, maintenance and repairing will be privatized.

On the other hand, a task has been given to HR committee of board of directors of PIA for downsizing in the flag carrier organisation.



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