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PM subjects PTI to veiled but strong criticism

“Pakistan wants to have good relations with its neighbours but it is also necessary that they also desire the same.”

He was addressing a ceremony in Multan. He claimed that no one made efforts in the past 15 years to address electricity crisis in Pakistan.

Without naming PTI, he said “some people” were hell-bent to ensure that PM’s package for peasants should not reach them [farmers].

Those ‘speaking atop containers’ tried to increase their ratings, but in vain, mocked the prime minister.

“The Almighty Allah did not let ‘their ratings’ go up.”

Admitting that the country was mired in problems, the PM said “We have to raise progress of development to end various crisis.”

It’s our tenure that has led to restoration of peace in Karachi, said Mr. Sharif.

He maintained that government won’t rest until menace of terrorism was completely eliminated.




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