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PM takes notice of Thar situation

Longstanding famine and persisting thirst and hunger – the PM eventually took notice of the situation after dozens of casualties. PM Nawaz Sharif sought a report from the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on the famine and directed the Pakistan Army to transport food and medicines to the masses in calamity-hit areas of the district.

The Government of Sindh has also made repeated claims and efforts, to comfort the hissing life in Thar, yet none of these could prove to be fruitful in saving the suffering people from dying.

The overall death toll in Tharparker during the last eight months has reached up to 400 and still counting, while nearly 20 children died in the district owing to starvation, in the month of October alone.

The premier did not heed on the issues of Thar during this entire span, had the provincial and federal governments taken the matter seriously, then the affairs of Thar would not have grown severe up to this extent.



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