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PM to brief US leadership on fight against terrorism, regional situation: FO

During press briefing on Thursday, the FO spokesman said discussions will be held on bilateral cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, education, defence, counter- terrorism, health and climate change.

The premier will meet President Barack Obama, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, members of US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

PM Sharif will also have interaction with Pakistan-US Business Council and US Chamber of Commerce and Industry, along with his address with the United States Institute of Peace and the Pakistani community.

Responding to a question about Indian-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan and providing refuge to an Afghan national Balaach Pardili for campaigning for the separation of Balochistan from Pakistan, he said: “As you are aware, Pakistan has given three dossiers to the UN Secretary General with evidence of India’s involvement in Balochistan and Karachi and fomenting terrorism in Pakistan by supporting TTP. We expect India not to allow use of its soil for hatching of conspiracies against Pakistan.”

“As Balaach Pardili is an Afghan national, we expect Afghan Government to take up the issue with India to ensure that its nationals living in India are not used for fomenting terrorism in Pakistan,” he urged.

While underscoring Indian accusations on Pakistan of supporting non-state actors for creating problems in other countries, Khalilullah mentioned that majority of terrorist incidents staged by the Indian side on its soil to implicate and malign Pakistan have proved to be fake.

“In case of India, the international community is aware that state actors have been involved in destabilizing and fomenting terrorism in neighbouring countries including Pakistan,” he noted. “What Kashmiris are facing is also state terrorism. It is our common enemy and a cooperative approach is required to deal with the menace.”

“Our position on Palestine is well known, we condemned the killing of Palestinians by Israeli forces recently,” said the FO spokesman, when asked about Israel’s atrocities on Palestinian citizens. “We have always supported the Palestinian cause and consider the right to self-determination as inalienable right of the people of Palestine.”

Pakistan will continue to support Palestinians and their cause at the UN, OIC and other international fora, he added.

Responding to Afghan allegations of Kunduz attack, Qazi Khalilullah said the allegations implicating Pakistan are baseless, adding, “Non-interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan is a key pillar of our Afghan policy and we are fully committed not to allow our territory to be used against any other country, including Afghanistan”.



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