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PM announces formation of judicial commission to probe elections rigging

In his televised address to the nation, the prime minister said prior to the general elections in 2013, voters lists were thoroughly checked and elections were held under the new constitutional amendment after consultation with all democratic parties of the country.

He added that there was not a single representative of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in the caretaker setup.

“More than hundred national and international channels covered the elections, while nearly 200 observers monitored it, none of them said that polls were rigged, rather they declared the May 11 polls transparent and fair, added the PM.

PM Sharif said, “We initiated several power projects, while the project of Karachi-Lahore motorway is also underway for which Rs 55 billion have been issued for purchasing land. The economic corridor from Khujrab to Gwadar is yet another achievement of the government”.

He was of the view that the country was now on the path of development after surviving past mistakes and weaknesses. He said some elements had set out for protest agenda against the government through hollow slogans.

PM Nawaz Sharif said, “The nation should inquire rationale behind such long marches and protests.  Are these protests against the government as it initiated new power projects, revived the industry, increased foreign reserves, took economic growth above 4 percent, provided loans to youth on easy conditions. He went on to say that a single corruption scandal did not emerge against the government in the past 14 months.

Speaking about the unelected forces agitating against the government; he said the decisions will not be made at roads in the presence of parliament.

He said, “It is not issue of my ego, we accept the right of peaceful protest, but Pakistan is a country having its constitution, laws and a democratic system and nobody will be allowed to violate the constitution of Pakistan”.

Without naming Dr Tahirul Qadri, he said nobody will be permitted to use force or to behead people in the guise of religion, adding there is no room for anarchy and bloodshed in the country.

The Prime Minister said the country cannot be allowed to become a jungle.



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