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PML-N rejects PTI’s rigging allegations before commission

Nawaz-League and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) submitted their answers regarding a questionnaire earlier issued to political parties by the commission. PML-N in its reply rejected the allegations leveled by PTI pertaining to irregularities in last general elections.

The ruling party took the stance that allegations of organized rigging should be probed under the criminal code and Tehreek-i-Insaf will have to provide evidences under the same code to substantiate its claims.

“If a difference of 58000 votes is observed in every constituency, only then the allegation of organized rigging will be proven,” said the PML-N.

The party further stated that Bushra Aitzaz and Imran Khan have already got the record of NA-124 and NA-122 inspected.

PPP however, in its reply rested the responsibility of proving the allegations with the judicial commission, while it also suggested the commission to open 65 National Assembly constituencies for verification.



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