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PML-N supporters vandalize PTI election office in Lodhran

According to details, dozens of PML-N workers and supporters stormed PTI election office in Nehr Qasim Wala area of district Lodhran.

Wielding batons and stones, raged masses vandalized office property, tore apart the banners and posters of PTI candidate Jehangir Tareen, turning the vicinity into a battleground and prompting the army to intervene.

Sources told that the feud arose after PTI election camp was set on a piece of land owned by PML-N activist Habib Khokhar, leading to exchange of heated words between the two sides.

At which, the PML-N activists lost patience and attacked the PTI election office. They also broke camera of a man who filmed the entire episode.

Tehreek-i-Insaf has submitted a complaint with the police over the incident.



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