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PML-N workers storm KP Assembly; Imran condemns hooliganism

The PML-N workers chanted slogans against the chairman PTI and climbed walls and gates of the assembly.

This should be noted that Imran Khan has announced a march towards Raiwind on Sept 23rd to pressurise the government to hold inquiry into Panamagate.

Imran Khan condemned the PML-N workers’ ‘hooliganism at KP Assembly’.

He wrote on his Twitter account: “Shameful behaviour by PML-N goons trying to stop PTI from Raiwind March by hooliganism at KP Assembly. PML-N has a record of such behavior.”

“During (Farooq) Leghari Presidency PML-N marched on to Leghari home in Choti Zareen; During PPP rule, PMLN tried to climb wall of Presidency,” the PTI chairman said.

“Most shameful was PML-N’s attack on Supreme Court of Pakistan. Now they have repeated this hooliganism on KP Assembly,” he added.

He reiterated that “PTI’s Raiwind March is a peaceful protest and its constitutional right. We are not marching on to anyone’s home.”

“After today’s PMLN hooliganism, I am more determined than ever to have the Raiwind March. PTI will not be deterred by PMLN’s threats,” said Imran.

He said Nawaz Sharif was manufactured politically by a dictator. He has never understood democracy but dreams of being crowned or proclaimed Amir ul Momineen.



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