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PML-Q announces to launch campaign in favor of Kala Bagh dam

Leader of PML-Q, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi said that his party will organize a rally in favor of Kala Bagh dam on November 22 at Bahawalpur.

A seminar in Islamabad to discuss issues related to Kala Bagh Dam was organized today. Addressing to the seminar Pervez Elahi announced the launching of a countrywide campaign in favor of Kala Bagh dam.

He said making of Kala Bagh dam is being opposed for no reason.

“If anybody doesn’t like the name Kala Bagh dam so there is an option of changing it by Pakistan dam”, he said.

Pervez Elahi said during his tenure he suggested Chief Ministers of all other three provinces to sign an agreement related to Kala Bagh dam without giving anything to Punjab.

Talking on the occasion, other speakers told that 3600 megawatt electricity can be produced monthly from Kala Bagh dam at the cost of Rs.2 per unit and it will also allow to provide excess amount of water to all four provinces.




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