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PML-Q condemns, JI submits motions against ban on Tablighi Jamat

Condemning the Punjab government’s decision, Shujaat said that Tablighi Jamaat is free of sectarianism and preaches the message of peace rejecting all kinds of terrorism.

He said that barring Tablighi Jamat from stay and preaching at educational institutes is part of international agenda and promised not to let this succeed.

Meanwhile, Jamaat e Islami (JI) submitted adjournment motions in the Senate and National Assembly against the ban on Tablighi Jamat in education institutes across Punjab.

The motions were submitted by JI emir Siraj ul Haq and parliamentary leader Sajzada Tariqullah in the Senate and National Assembly respectively.

It was stated in the resolution that a ban on Tablighi Jamat is tantamount to the prevention of teaching of Holy Quran and Sunnah in the country.

The JI castigated that the sanctity of educational institutions is being violated by lending support for musical and dance programs with mixed gatherings. It also demanded to impose a ban on ‘vulgar’ fashion shows at varsities and colleges.

Terming the services of the Tablighi Jamat for the propagation of Islam ‘unforgettable’, the resolution blasted the rulers for pleasing the West and annoying Allah (SWT).

Moreover, it called for lifting the ban on Tablighi Jamat immediately.



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