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‘Nation’s verdict is in Nawaz Sharif’s favour’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Zaeem Qadri on Wednesday said that nation has given its verdict in favour of former PM Nawaz Sharif by participating in his “homecoming” rally, ARY News reported.

Speaking to ARY News anchor Adil Abbasi during the GT Road rally which is underway from Islamabad to Lahore, he said that one verdict was given by Supreme Court and another is being given by the people.

“One verdict was given by the Supreme Court and another is being given by the people that Nawaz Sharif is both sadiq and ameen (honest and trustworthy).” he said.

“We were expecting hundreds of thousands people. This is not a million march this is a ten million march,” he said downplaying criticism that participants in the rally were less than expected.

WATCH LIVE: Nawaz Sharif’s GT Road Rally

When asked about the message that the party was giving by distributing copies of the UAE iqama (work permit) on which Nawaz Sharif was disqualified as prime minister, he said that that it was a gross injustice that the Joint Investigation Team exceeded its mandate in corruption investigation against him.

“The JIT formed exceeded its mandate among the thirteen Terms of Reference (ToRs) formed only to investigate the London properties,” he said.

“The so-called Panama Papers was a drama hatched against the economic development in the country, and the people deliberately and inadvertently were pushed into it,” he added.

He declined to comment where Nawaz Sharif would address the rally, and said that decision would be made at an appropriate time based on available resources and the security situation.



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