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PM’s meeting over Panama Papers inquiry ends inconclusively

Decision over formation of judicial commission could not be taken during a meeting as participants were on the collision course, a source privy to the meeting told ARY News.

Sources informed that PM told the meeting that he had no charges of corruption, adding such allegations were also levelled against his family in the past, but no proofs were provided to attest to its truth.

He underlined that the nation wont allow anyone to impede development process. “We aim to  steer Pakistan out of crisis that had been plaguing the country for years.”

He said certain elements were trying to capitalize on the current political situation. “Ministers and his cabinet members expressed complete confidence in the prime minister”, the source told.

Mr. Sharif announced on April 5 the formation of a commission to investigate allegations made in the Panama Papers that linked his family to a series of offshore companies.

“I have decided to set up a high level judicial commission headed by a retired judge of the Supreme Court. This commission will decide after its investigation that what is reality and how much weight these allegations should be given,” Sharif had said in a TV address broadcast nationwide.

The leaked papers, comprising 11.5 million documents from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca, exposes how some of the world’s most powerful people have secreted their money offshore, and also implicated Sharif’s sons Hasan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz.



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