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PNS Aslat sets off from Yemen with 147 Pakistanis

According to the spokesperson of Pakistan Navy, the naval ship has set off for Pakistan after successfully evacuating 147 citizens including women and children.

PNS Aslat also rescued 36 foreigners from Al-Mukalla out of which eight belong to China, five to Philippines, four hail from Britain, two from Syria and two belong to Indonesia.

The foreigners stranded in Yemen also included 11 Indians and one each from Canada, Egypt, Jordan and UAE.

“All these foreigners were safely moved onto the ship after the immigration process, while comprehensive arrangements at the naval ship were made to ensure safe return of all the Pakistanis rescued from Yemen”, said the spokesperson.

He told that the ship reached Al-Mukalla in the morning on April 2, however the stranded citizens were not allowed by Yemeni officials to travel to board the ship until today, in order to ensure the safety of their life given the uncertain security situation of Al-Mukalla.

The ship will anchor at Karachi port on April 7.



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