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Police arrest 'key financier' of Ismaili Bus attack incident

According to the Counter-Terrorist Department’s Senior Superintendent Police Investigation, Naveed Nisar Khwaja, the alleged financier’s name is Sheeba Ahmed and he was picked up from Karachi’s Defence area.

Some reports suggested that Sheeba was a former employee of the Pakistan Air Force.

It is alleged that Sheeba Ahmed had brainwashed the militants into committing the Safoora massacre, which had resulted in casualties as many as 47, including women and children. Not only that, Ahmed also provided them with key financial support.

Sheeba Ahmed – who allegedly financed attackers of bus carrying Ismaili community members.


The financier of a deadly attack also used to attend a mosque in an affluent Karachi area and deliver sermons.

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The SSP Investigation also further revealed that Sheeba had been apprehended after key information had been extracted from interrogations of the principal accused, Saad Aziz and Azhar Ishrat.

After interrogating Sheeba Ahmed, it was learned that he was in the ‘chemical business’ in Pakistan as well as other Islamic countries and through the money earned, he financed acts of terrorism in Pakistan.

During initial probe, it was also learned that Ahmed belonged to a religious party, whose name was Tanzeem Islami. However, it was also came to the knowledge of the CTD that he was also funding Al-Qaeda in the sub-continent.

“The held suspect, apart from brainwashing the main accused of Safoora tragedy, also provided them complete financial support,” stated the CTD official.

Naveed Nisar Khwaja also revealed that another suspect that had been picked up in Lahore, Hasan Zaheer, had also revealed that Sheeba had provided funds for the treatment of alleged injured terrorists, to a hospital in Lahore.

Senior police officials announced cash rewards for the police party who had successfully apprehended the criminals involved in such activities.



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