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Police arrest six drug peddlers in Lahore

LAHORE: Police on Sunday arrested six suspects allegedly involved in drug peddling in Lahore, ARY News reported.

Hadyara Police said those arrested include Abdul Ghaffar, Zahid, Ahsan, Ishtiaq, Imran and Khalil. They said 50 litre wine and more than four kilogram cannabis were recovered from possession of the suspects.

In a separate raid, Hadyara Police arrested two suspects for possession of illegal weapons.

On April 30, a group of drug peddlers had attacked a police team and snatched their official weapons in Lahore.

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Sources had said that the incident took place at Shah Jamal, Ichra area of Lahore, where the police team raided to arrest drug peddlers. Upon seeing the police, the drug peddlers had attacked the cops and snatched their official weapons.

In the footage available with the ARY News, drug peddlers could be seen chasing and aiming at the police officials in a broad daylight on a street with an automatic gun, snatched from the police officials.

While other drug peddlers, some of them knife- wielding, had attacked and tortured the police officials during the raid.

The sources had said that initially, the police team escaped from the scene to save their lives but later they returned with heavy contingents of police and cordoned off the area.



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