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Police complaint filed against Kapil Sharma

Sharma recently took to Twitter and subjected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a veiled criticism, saying: “despite paying Rs 15 crore in income tax for the last five years, i was asked to pay Rs 5 lakh as bribe to a BMC official to set up my office.”


In the next tweet, Kapil Sharma jeered at Modi by asking him sarcastically if these were the ‘achhe din’.


Adding to the row, RTI activist Asad Patel filed a complaint against the actor-comedian stating that the office construction destroyed mangroves.


According to ANI, the complaint filed by RTI activist Asad Patel was registered in the Versova Police Station. Police are currently investigating the matter.


Meanwhile, a furious Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) demanded an apology from Sharma for making allegations on its party workers of taking a bribe from him and threatened that if he does not do so, they will not allow the shooting of his shows anymore.


MNS leader Shalini Thackeray also hit out at Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis for cooperating with the actor, instead of taking action on Sharma for building an illegal construction on a mangrove.


“It is come to our notice that, after Kapil Sharma tweeted regarding one of MNS workers, that he has made an illegal construction through a low-housing scheme, where he has made four floors which are illegal. And that too in a land that has been declared as mangroves. You cannot touch mangroves and the minute you touch them, you can arrested. So this is the first concern that I have that how has he been allowed to do this,” she said.



Further stating that the comedy show host was served a notice on 26th of July and the demolition took place on the 4th of August regarding the illegal construction, Ms Thackeray said that Sharma had woken up after a month and raised a controversy so that he can distract and divert attention from the main issue that he has committed irregularities.


“He has done illegal construction for which he should be penalised and arrested. That kind of action has not taken place from the Chief Minister. On the contrary, the Chief Minister has supported him and assured him that an investigation will take place on the BMC officials who have done their duty. I did not expect from him. In fact, we demand that the Chief Minister take out orders to arrest Kapil Sharma,” she said.

Claiming that there have irregularities on the set of the Mr Sharma’s show before, the MNS leader asserted that the same are happening now at his office, house and the current set of his show.


Slapping another charge on Mr Sharma, she added that several foreigners are working on his show on a tourist visa which was illegal, adding that Chief Minister Fadnavis should turn his attention to that.



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