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A police constable who had to pay his eyes, legs and hands as a price of being fair.

Hyderabad: During the general elections 2008, Ali Hasan, a police constable fell victim to brutal feudal culture losing his eyes, legs and both his hands.

Hasan stopped a candidate from entering the women’s polling station with his gunmen in an attempt to rig the elections which made the candidate lose from that particular constituency. In retaliation, the candidate along with his gunmen kidnapped Ali Hasan from a mosque where he was offering Maghrib prayers.

 Recalling the incident, Hasan says:

“This incident happened on 24th March, 2008. I was on duty and went to offer Magrib prayers on hearing the azaan to Bilal masjid. As soon as I got done with the prayers, they took control of me. They had weapons on them. They put me in the car and took me to a jungle. There, they first shot me, then chopped off both my hands and feet with an ax, cut my back and threw acid all over my body. For them, I had died but life and death, nobody gets to decide that but Him.”

Ali Hasan is blinded in the eyes due to the acid thrown on him with no one to hear his pleas.

“There is not a single door I haven’t knocked for help. There is no one to ask. Last year, IG Sindh came to my house, a nice, honest gentleman, he helped me and also gave orders to get my son appointed as ASI which has not been carried out yet. Before that in 2014, I entered a petition in court for help. The High Court had approved 40 lakhs for me but it has been two years to that decision and I still haven’t received a penny.”

Describing the helplessness, Ali’s daughter Sumaira says: “I feel sad looking at my father. I pray to Allah that our father is able to take us around. I see children going around with their fathers, when I come home I see my father, we feel helpless.”

His son adds: “It has been 8 years to this incident. There has been no monetary help by the Police department for my father. My father has always been very kind to people in his neighborhood so much so that he used to take patients around in his motorcycle to the hospital and get them treated if there was no help available. In 2015, I was appointed as a constable in the Police department but I am still not being given salary. Please have mercy on us and help us. Give me my salary and my appointed ASI position.”

In a cry for help, Hasan appeals to government officials for help: “How do I tell you that I have nothing? If I buy medicines, I don’t have flour. I want to appeal to Syed Murad Ali Shah, Chief Minister Sindh, Chief Secretary and IG Sindh to give me nothing except getting me the 40 lakhs the courts has approved for me and the ASI position given by the IG to my son.”




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