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Martyred constable Farooq ran a tyre-puncture shop to support his family

KARACHI: Farooq, a Police constable who was martyred on Friday in a targeted attack on Mufti Taqi Usmani near Karachi’s NIPA area, was an honest and upright policeman who struggled to make ends meet for his family, his area people recall.

As the news of his martyrdom reached his neighbourhood, his neighbours gathered at a tyre-puncture shop that he used to operate after his police duty so he could earn a rightful livelihood for his family.

Talking to ARY News, the locals said that his shop was proof that he was an honest police officer who would work extra but wouldn’t resort to any unlawful means for earning money.

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Farooq has left behind seven children out of which three have blindness. He also supported the family of his widowed sister who has five children.

Speaking to ARY News, the widow of Farooq said that she was worried about her children. “Who will take care of them now?”, she questioned, adding that she wanted strict punishment for the perpetrators.

His mother, while remembering her son, said that Farooq used to take care of everyone and was ever-ready to extend a helping hand to anyone in need.



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