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Police register Sabeen Mahmud murder case under anti-terrorism act

First Information Report (FIR) (214/215) was registered under Sections 302, 324, 34 and 7 of the Anti-terrorism Act (ATA) (1997) at Defence police station.

Sabeen’s mother was present when the cases were being registered and police obtained her statement. Her mother disclosed that two assailants on a motorcycle shot at them from close range. Sabeen’s mother had also sustained injuries due to the shooting last night.

Sabeen had exited the ‘Unsilencing Balochistan’ (take 2) session at T2F and was accompanied by her mother when she was shot. The shooting took place at defense phase 2, during which Sabeen was shot four times at close range. Receiving four bullets, two in the chest, one on the face and one in the neck, proved to be fatal for Mahmud.

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