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Police hunt for Mirza, eight accomplices arrested

According to details, former home minister Sindh was seen patrolling Badin city on Sunday with gunmen. Mirza stormed a police station together with armed men and threatened the on-duty DSP.

In a fit of anger, he smashed and broke the glass of DSP’s table with his fist.

At one instant, ex-home minister was also seen pulling DSP Abdul Qadir Samo through his arm, while he [Mirza] also smashed DSP’s cell phone into the wall.

He insisted for the registration of an FIR against the police for ‘abducting his men’.

Earlier to this, Zulfikar Mirza together with his armed accomplices forced shut the shops of his opponents in Badin.

Meanwhile, police lodged cases against the ex-minister for attacking a police station and threatening the citizens.

Police are raiding various locations for arresting Mirza, while eight of his accomplices have already been nabbed.



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