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VIDEO: Hyderabad police official pulls ‘stunt’ by jumping on car bonnet

HYDERABAD: A police official in Hyderabad hopped on a car bonnet and dragged on as the car driver he signalled to stop attempted to escape, ARY News reported.

According to the video, the police official jumped on the car in a manner akin to movie scenes and pointed his gun on the windshield of that car, however, the driver can still be seen to attempt to flee the scene.

Senior Superintendent of Police Hyderabad has taken notice of the ‘stunt’ pulled by the personnel and have demanded a report on the matter.

In the video acquired by ARY News, it can be seen the officer tried to stop an elderly civilian driving his car, however, when the driver doesn’t comply, the officer persists, hops on his bonnet and points his weapon on the ‘offender’.

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In its preliminary statement, the police clarified that the civilian was asked to stop and when he didn’t comply the official chased him to stop.

Expressing regret over the scene, the elderly citizen explained that he panicked when the police behaved in a certain way and thus tried to speed away.

The event occurred in the Thana City jurisdiction of Hyderabad and the SSP has instructed his department to furnish report on it within four days.



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