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Police nab girl involved in luring, abducting boys

According to police, the girl named Rida, belonging to KP, was part of a kidnapper gang, who used to lure boys through phone and entice them into meeting her. She would then hold those boys hostage with the help of her other gang members.

The accused had recently trapped a youth and confined him after inviting to her house. The gang had demanded Rs 2 million ransom against his release.

Police while tracing the mobile number conducted a raid in Hayatabad neighborhood of the city arresting the bewitching girl from there.

However, two of her accomplices managed to flee, while a search is underway in Mardan and Swabi.

Following the arrest, Rida made shocking revelations confessing her involvement in several kidnappings of the sort.

The SSP Operation in a press talk told that the accused confessed to have kidnapped several youths in the past and receiving hefty sums against their release, along with other valuables.

He added that the girl used to call boys via an illegal sim and lamented that the crime rate in Peshawar could not be slashed effectively for unverified sims are still functioning, despite all claims.

The official claimed to have informed relative authorities about functioning of such sims.

In another raid in the same area, officials arrested a member of a dacoit gang involved in over 25 robberies.



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