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All captured police officers have been rescued successfully: DG ISPR Bajwa

Asim Bajwa also said that the operation against Chotu Gang was completed successfully without the loss of any life. He also said that the island was cleared and cleansed completely.

Asim Bajwa revealed during his press conference that the Chotu Gang had surrendered unconditionally.


“Orders were given to cleanse this area from militants and robbers completely,” he said. “Also, not only this but all no-go areas in the country would be cleared completely,” he said. Asim Bajwa also said that any no-go area in any part of the country will not be spared.


“24 women and 44 children have also been rescued from the island,” disclosed Bajwa. He also disclosed that family members of those who belonged to the Chotu Gang were being properly taken care of.



He also said that Chotu, the leader of the gang, was captured and his interrogation would be conducted.
“Members of the Chotu gang have been captured,” he said. “All those who belong to the gang and have been arrested, will be interrogated,” he added.


General Asim Bajwa also said that the army chief was also particularly pleased with the operation. “Army chief General Raheel Sharif also congratulated the armed forces upon the successful completion of the operation,” he revealed.

Gen. Asim Bajwa stated that the operation would continue till the last dacoit on the island was not caught.

Punjab police had been conducting an operation against the notorious Chotu Gang in Rajanpur district since the past twenty days. Six police officials had been killed and as many as 24 had been captured by the robbers. A couple of days ago, the armed forces had been called in to clear the island of the Chotu Gang and bring them to justice. The army had destroyed hideouts of the Chotu Gang and fired upon their bunkers with artillery.

DG ISPR Gen. Asim Bajwa Press Conference:



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