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Police operations fail to curb target killings in Peshawar

Terrorists, after short intervals of time, continue to reassure their presence through heinous felonies, despite frequently established checkposts in the city.

Sources said search operations are being conducted daily within the jurisdictions of 29 police stations in Peshawar, yet no benefit was extracted in more than 200 door-to-door raids.

Following year, terrorists targeted seven policemen, two senior retired officers and four citizens including business community leader Haji Haleem Jan, however police have not yet solved any single high-profile case.

A recent high-level police meeting has decided to carry out a decisive operation against target killers. DIG Mubarak Zaib said officials have prepared a database of target killers and their abettors, and the culprits would soon be arrested.

On the other hand, law enforcement agencies have expedited search and strike operations in the remits of every police station in order to cover up increased ratio of target killing compared to other crimes.



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