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Police play down magnitude of Kasur child abuse scandal

The police officer said that it was not right to conclude that all those being abused were children.

However, the cop stated that the proof regarding the scandal was found in the shape of video recordings which show several teenagers being sodomized.

Read More: Pakistan’s largest ever child abuse scandal comes to light in Punjab town of Kasur

Pakistan’s largest ever child abuse scandal came to light in Punjab’s town of Kasur when more than 400 videos featuring 280 children forced to have sex, were discovered.

RPO Sultan disagreed that 280 children were sodomized as eight cases had been registered against 15 suspects in July.

He claimed that the scandal first came out in the open and the police team had made announcements in mosques, asking villagers to lodge their complaints

He added that there would have had sufficient cases if more complaints would have been lodged.



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