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Karachi man who killed mother, domestic help was ‘drug-addict’

KARACHI: The police have released a statement over the ill-fated incident Friday in a private housing society on Karachi Motorway which claimed three lives as the man shot himself after killing his mother and a help, ARY News reported.

According to the latest development, the police sources told ARY News the deceased Shumail was an addict and due to his indulgence, he often suffered psychotic episodes.

Police said Shumail had received three-month treatment in a psychiatric hospital for psychosis issues in the past as well.

The family was previously based in the Defense area of Karachi but later shifted to a private housing society off Karachi’s motorway after Shumail descended into drug abuse.

According to the police who shared details on the case, Shumail was set to marry in the month of August last year but due to COVID-led lockdowns and SOPs, his wedding was postponed.

Shumail had allegedly taken his own family hostage after he was deprived of his drugs, the police claimed and added that he had locked his father and a brother out of the house brandishing a gun to them.

As soon as Shumail fired his gun and injured the house help, his father threatened to call in the police following which he went downstairs and had a spat with his father.

He later shot his mother and himself and died in hospital while being administered first aid.

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Earlier it was reported according to police that the incident occurred at a residence in a private housing society near Superhighway. The man opened fire on his mother and later fired at a domestic helper who tried to save the lady.

“Both of them died on the spot,” they said adding that he later committed suicide after shooting himself and succumbed to injuries while being shifted to a hospital.

The bodies have been shifted to a hospital for medico-legal formalities.

The authorities said that it had emerged that the accused was suffering from mental issues. “We have recovered the weapon from the spot and have launched a probe into the matter,” they said.



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