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Police raid at bomb making factory in Orangi

KARACHI: CID Police and intelligence personnel in a raid at an explosives making factory in Orangi Town, captured large quantity of munitions and bomb making equipment, ARY News reported on Friday. 

The police has claimed capturing large quantity of detonators and explosives from the factory in Orangi Town locality of Karachi. 

The factory was established in a house of the area, police sources said. The block bombs, which were used in a number of terrorist attacks in the city were also being made in the factory, police claimed. 

Police officials also said that the explosives captured from the factory building have similarity with the bomb which was used in assassination of SP CID Chaudhry Aslam. 

Police sources also claimed that the explosives used in attack on rangers personnel in the city were also prepared in this factory. 

The factory was established by the outlawed militant group Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, police claimed. 

Ultra-right radicals Taliban have been engaged in an insurgency raging across Pakistan. Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, an umbrella group of Taliban militants, leading terrorist campaign against the state of Pakistan and made several attacks against the civilians and the armed forces of the country. 

Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan, has suffered scores of terrorist attacks on the law enforcement personnel and civilian targets led by Taliban. A vehicle of a high official of paramilitary rangers was targeted in Korangi area of the city on Friday (today).

The militants attacked a bus on Thursday, carrying policemen to their duties from police training centre Razzaqabad along the National Highway, in which at least 13 policemen lost their lives. 

The government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has initiated a process of dialogue with Taliban militants to end a campaign of terrorism and sabotage in the country. The TTP leadership, however, announced to continue their campaign of attacks till a final ceasefire not being agreed by the two sides. 



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