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Police stop PTI rally in Lahore, take more than 6 party workers into custody

The police had stopped PTI’s rally, since it violated the Election Commission’s code of conduct.

As soon as the time for Lahore’s local bodies election campaigning reached its end, police stopped a PTI rally at Sanda area from proceeding forward. According to the police, upon being stopped, participants of the rally became enraged and started a brawl with police officials. Police took more than six party workers into custody for engaging in a fight with them.

As per PTI’s version, police attacked a peaceful rally of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf and arrested their party workers by force.

For the local bodies elections, the Election Commission had issued a code of conduct on Thursday.

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According to the code of conduct, the use of gramophones, megaphones and loudspeakers during the local bodies elections near the polling stations will be considered a punishable act.

The election commission also stated that any person asking for votes or making the voters vote for a candidate will have to pay a fine of Rs. 2000 in Punjab and Rs. 500,000 in Sindh.

A ban has been imposed on the exhibition of weapons.



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