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Man slits 3-year-old son’s throat after altercation with wife

GHOTKI: In an appalling turn of events to have played out Monday in Ubauro, a remorseless man allegedly killed his three-year-old son after an altercation with his wife, ARY New reported.

According to the details in the horrific incident, police have confirmed that a man slit his minor son Ali Raza’s throat to death and then dumped him in the nearby fields after he had a falling out with his wife earlier today.

Police said the suspected father has been on the run since the murder incident as he ran away after dumping his son’s body into the fields. The police have recovered the body and have shifted it to public hospital for legal protocols.

However, the raids are being conducted to look for runaway father, police said.

READ: IG Sindh reassures minor Monika’s family of maximum punishment to criminals

Separately from Sindh, earlier today the Inspector General of Sindh Mushtaq Mehar paid a condolence visit to the aggrieved family of minor Monika Larik who was sexually violated and killed earlier this month.

After his condolences, IG Sindh Mushtaq Mehar told the family the seven-year-old rape and murder victim was like his own daughter and the horrible fate meted out to her appalls him.

He reassured the family the culprits will be awarded most stringent punishment for their crimes and said all the suspects in the case have been detained by the police.

The arrested suspects have confessed to their crime, the Sindh IG told the bereaved parents.

IG Mehar told Monika’s family that come what may the criminals in the case cannot be forgiven.



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