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Policeman wounds minor while shooting stray dog in Karachi

KARACHI: In a bid to shoot a stray dog, a policeman injured a three-year-old minor girl in the Quaidabad area of the metropolis.

As per details, a naive policeman shot dead a stray dog but the bullet recoiled and hit a girl, Dua, in the head, resulting in a minor injury.

پولیس کے اناڑی اہلکار، شہریوں کیلئے وبال جان

پولیس کے اناڑی اہلکار، شہریوں کیلئے وبال جان — کراچی کے علاقے قائدآباد میں اہلکار کی کتے پر فائرنگ، گولی بچی کو جالگی —- کتا تو مرگیا ساتھ ہی 3 سال کی دعا فاطمہ زخمی ہوگئی — #ARYNews

Posted by ARY News on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The girl was immediately shifted to the hospital, who was out of danger.

At first, the family of Dua did not get to know the source of injury but when the girl was taken to the hospital, it was then revealed that a bullet was present inside the skull.

The alleged police officer ran away from the scene and his whereabouts are yet unknown.

In Karachi, the incidents of inexperienced police officers injuring as well as killing citizens with their stray bullets often make it to the headlines.

Last year, a 10 years old girl, Amal Umer, was killed in an exchange of fire between police personnel and robbers in Karachi. The police confessed to its negligence and accepted the dearth of training in police personnel.




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