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Polio vaccination drive begins

KARACHI: Three-day polio vaccination campaign in Sindh including Karachi has been launched from today, ARY News reports. 

The Polio immunization campaign in the province was scheduled to be started in Karachi earlier, but the drive was delayed due to the security issues. 

According to the immunization officials due to lack of proper security arrangements the campaign was delayed. 

The anti-polio teams will administer vaccines of nine diseases to 8.9 million children including polio. 

The attacks on the polio vaccinators is the biggest hurdle Pakistan facing to get rid of the crippling disease. 

The World Health Organization says that 91 cases of polio reported in Pakistan last year, up from 58 cases of the disease, which leaves the victims paralysed or with withered limbs. 

The WHO had in a report called northwestern Peshawar city of Pakistan as the largest reservoir of the polio virus in the world. 



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