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Political support needed to control Karachi's situation: DG Rangers

KARACHI: The DG Rangers Sindh, Major General Rizwan Akhter has said that there is no need of military for saving Karachi, if the political parties support, Rangers will surely control the circumstances – ARY News reports.

A unique meeting of its kind pertaining to Karachi's law and order, took place at the Governor House here on Tuesday. During which, the DG Rangers, Major General Rizwan Akhter briefed the Prime Minister and the Army Chief, in detail. He told that there is no need of military in the targeted operations, if the political parties support, Rangers will control the circumstances.

Speaking about the hurdles faced during the operation, Maj. Gen. Rizwan Akhter told that during the first 5 months of the Karachi Operation, political forces cooperated, yet in the last 3 months certain administrative issues popped up.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif directed the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to speed up the operation and said that Rangers and other security institutions are independent and no pressure will be considered on Karachi Operation.

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