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12 countries with most beautiful female soldiers, according to poll

Glass ceiling of women is now very much the thing of the past. Women are defying all the odds to grow professionally in almost all areas – and at the present they are among the frontline warriors for defence of their countries.

In several countries, women are able to contribute to military mission in ways they could not before.

Good news that they can drive tanks, fire mortars, and lead infantry soldiers into combat. Some ‘conservatives’ still oppose women’s participation in activities beyond domestic walls.  But their opponents are growing in large numbers.

It’s interesting to note that female soldiers of some countries often make headlines primarily for their beauty and charm.

We take a look at female soldiers’, who are actually serving in their respective militaries, but can be mistaken for showbiz celebrity.

A poll was conducted by the prominent newspaper Sun UK to find the sexiest army recruits in the world, with a whopping 2656 votes — a 17% share of the total cast.

Below are the findings of different polls including that of Sun UK over the months. People voted Romanian army as the prettiest. Here’s the list below:



12- British Army


11-  Canadian Army


10-  Israel Army




9- Czech Republic Army




8 – Polish Army



7- Ukraine Army





6- Norwegian Army




5- US Army




4- Australian Army


3- Swedish Army




2- Russian Army


1- Romanian Army






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