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Pooja Missra blames Sonakshi Sinha for leaking her video

Pooja Missra just can’t stop all the controversies, can she?

The former Big Boss contestant was always known for her rants and antics on the popular Indian show. With her bold attitude and characteristic to stick to her rights, the actress was a showstopper and was able to secure high TRP ratings.

She hasn’t stopped being controversial ever since. Most recently, a video of her surfaced over the internet and went viral, in which she was seen to be hitting an employee of a five star hotel. Following the leak, she warned the media in a Facebook status update and placed blame on Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha for leaking the video.

In a video that she posted on Facebook, Pooja Missra gives a stern warning to the media to stop maligning her and to sue them for Rs 1000 crores if they didn’t desist. She also blamed actress Sonakshi Sinha.

What was most surprising was that Pooja even blamed Sonakshi Sinha for taking Dabangg via black magic from her!

“All this worked 5 years back when u did black magic on me to usurp Dabangg.. Now it will not work for a second! Ur insecurity is for all to see! I will post this article every day for the rest of the month.. Until the next one comes out!so that everyone can see what u really are! All those agree please share this article!”

Pooja Missra is a former Video Jockey and has also danced in an item song for the Bollywood film Baaja Baja Dunga. Whether or not Sonakshi Sinha replies back to Pooja is yet to be seen. However, these accusations are serious from one member of the showbiz industry to another!



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