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Popular six points agenda of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman

1. The government should be federal and parliamentary in nature as it was discussed in Lahore Resolution, its members to be elected with legislative representation on the basis of population.

2. The federal government have principal responsibility for foreign affairs and defense only and the federating units should be given power to deal all the other subjects of interests.

3. Each wing should have its own currency and separate fiscal accounts and if the separate currency plan is not possible then there should be one currency for the whole country, but the constitution should ensure effective provisions to stop the flight of capital from East to West Pakistan.

4. Taxation would occur at the provincial level, with a federal government funded by constitutionally guaranteed grants. The  revenue collection shall be vested in the federating units and the federal center will have no such power.

5. Each federal unit could control its own earning of foreign exchange. The two units should have separate accounts and the constitution should empower the units to establish trade links with foreign countries.

6. Each unit could raise its own militia or paramilitary forces



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