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Poultry Association expresses deep concerns over market access to India

KARACHI: Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) has expressed strenuous objections over giving indiscriminate market access to India this week stating that providing India full access to Pakistan’s poultry market will harm local industry, ARY News reported.

The senior vice president of Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA), Khalil Sattar has send a SOS to secretary of ministry of commerce suggesting various reforms that the government needed to take before opening the poultry sector for the Indians.

In his letter, Khalil Sattar highlighted the fact that importing cheaper feed from India will cause the loss of 50 million tonnes of domestic poultry feed.

He said farmers living in rural and remote areas of Pakistan has been facing shortage of electricity and getting electricity at Rs 35 per unit from self installed generators.

This obviously increases the cost of poultry production in Pakistan as India poultry farmers get assured power supply at zero or subsidized rates much lower than their Pakistani counterparts.

The senior vice president of PPA further pointed out that worst law and order situation in remote areas is another severe problem faced by farmers.

“The security situations in remote areas forces even a medium-sized farmer to hire 12-16 security guards which again was an unnecessary expenditure as security of assets and businesses was the responsibility of the state”, he added.

Khalil Sattar said that New Castle diseases is also present in Pakistan and once they were notified all kinds of poultry exports would be banned no matter if they be for broilers, parent stocks or layers. He said India will definitely took that advantage of that weakness, so “before giving MFN status to India, the National Tariff Commission (NTC) should be strengthened and made fully operational”, Sattar added.



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