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WATCH: Unexpected events unfold as poultry truck crashes

A poultry truck is crashed on road and a lot of people are gathering around it; one may think that they might be coming closer to lend a helping hand.

But there is a twist! And it is that locals can be seen stealing hens that were lying around on the road after the truck crashed.

The just over two-minute video shared on social media shows locals are seen loading both their hands with as many hens as they can hold. Some of them are also carrying bags to fit in as many chickens as possible.

After collecting enough hens, while some are just walking away, others are also going back on motorbikes from the place.

The driver and helper could be seen in the footage trying to repair the crashed truck as locals are on the stealing spree.

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The video has went viral on the social media with some lamenting the attitude of the passers-by while others just laughing at the looters, who will surely going to have a week-long feast.



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