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‘Poverty is a state of mind’: influencer’s remarks spark online criticism

An Instagram influencer’s tone-deaf remarks on poverty earned her severe criticism from netizens on social media.

Posted on her Instagram page, Nimisha Verma talked about how poverty is nothing but a state of mind. She said, “Well honey, resources are unlimited. You have been programmed to believe that resources are limited and that people who have less of it are underprivileged and those who have more of it are bad people. Well, you are feeling miserable about yourself and about people. “


People tend to have a lot to say about topics like class divide, poverty etc. There are some who even go to study the factors that facilitate inequality that exists in our state. Implying that it is nothing but a ‘state of mind’ is probably not the right way to describe what is a grim reality in our country.

Her remarks sparked lot of reactions online. On Twitter, it garnered 47,800 views with 41 retweets and 323 likes.

“How do they not get ki resources are unlimited for THEM, BECAUSE of their privilege,” one user said.

Some netizens’ sarcasm was on point, “Resource are unlimited???? Solved all world problems.”



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