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Power load-shedding shoots up as summer begins

KARACHI: The power supply situation has worsened across the country with the beginning of summer.

The duration of power load shedding has increased despite the enhanced power generation capacity of the country.

The cash-strapped government has stopped paying the bills to private power producers their bills amounting to more than Rs250 billion.

The power producers have reduced the power generation. According to the government figures the overall power generation has been 11,000 megawatts in comparison to the demand of 14,500 megawatts; it means the country presently facing a shortfall of 3,500 megawatts.

In such conditions the cities of Pakistan will be without electricity for at least six hours daily, while the rural areas will undergo daily 10 hours without power in the scorching summer.

According to industry sources, some IPPs have switched off their power plants due to non-payment of huge power bills by the government.

The government has not been in the mood of paying the outstanding bills to the tune of Rs. 250 billions, sources said.

The power producers claim that the government owes them Rs 253bn as per its own record. The total size of the unpaid bills of the power sector, which is popularly called circular debt, is said to have shot up to Rs 414bn if the dues of the public sector companies are also considered.



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