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Power rate Rs 20 per unit

Agri Forum Pakistan (AFP) Chairman Ibrahim Mughal has alleged that the government is doing business with its own people by selling electricity at Rs 20 per unit after buying it at Rs 15 per unit from the power generation companies.
'Government is thus doing trade with its own people in the name of cheaper electricity which is not fair by any rule,' Mughal alleged. In a statement issued on Monday, Ibrahim Mughal said that the country was consuming from 70-75 billion units per annum and as per the statement of the President, government was getting a profit of Rs 5 per unit, which came to Rs 300-350 billion per annum. 'Is it not an injustice,' Mughal questioned.

He proposed that the government should immediately recover the arrears and stop electricity pilferage, which come to Rs 200 billion per annum and provide power to the industry and agriculture at Rs 8 per unit and for poor domestic consumers at Rs 3-5 per unit to eradicate poverty from the country and improve the living standards of the masses.



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