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PPP will defeat all puppet alliances and parties: Bilawal

NAGAR PARKAR: After electioneering across Khyber Pakthunkhwa and Punjab, chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari returned to Sindh and carried the election campaign to the impoverished Tharparkar.

Addressing a campaign rally in Nagar Parkar, Bilawal said that PPP was the only party which can solve the various political and economic problems facing the nation unlike other puppet alliances and parties.

Referring to the Grand Democratic Alliance, he said the puppet alliances are placed before them which are incapable of solving problems and will be defeated by the people. He said the people were fully aware of the politics of hypocrisy and about-turns whose strings are pulled from elsewhere.

He said the GDA was speaking against corruption but had a former chief minister among them who was himself involved in corruption, and was speaking against minority rights but those involved in forced conversion were among them.

He went on saying the GDA would go to any extent to oppose the PPP, and compromise on issues and even connive with extremist and sectarian organisations, form alliance with those conspiring to divide Sindh, and even oppose the historic 18th Amendment.

He said this was his first election and will dedicate himself to solve the people’s problems, adding that he was given a warm welcome across the country. “This is my first election campaign. The party has just begun.”

He said the previous Sindh government started the Thar coal project which has a crucial role to end the energy crisis facing the nation. He reminded that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto brought back prisoners of war from India and ended the Thar border dispute.

He reaffirmed the PPP will form the federal government and will then embark on a mission to alleviate poverty and eradicate hunger and fight against social injustuce.

He said the PPP introduced the BISP which is now the gold standard against alleviating poverty and will spread it across the country, and will introduce the Peoples Poverty Reduction programme.

He said an airport was built in Islamkot to serve the local people and infrastructure in Thar was built by the PPP. He said that any dams constructed without consensus was a conspiracy against the constitution.



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