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PPP doesn’t support extension in army chief tenure: Aitzaz Ahsan

“The chief of army staff must complete his term and retire from the post,” said Ahsan on Monday.

He further added: “It seems that the prime minister will not be able to complete his term for his own mistakes”.

Analysts and political leaders say such a statement from PPP reflected its “weak position” in the wake of several corruption cases against it.

Senior Punjab minister Rana Sanaullah said this kind of statement from the PPP is extremely irresponsible. He was of the view that PPP had some other “apprehensions” and it was being shown the other way.

PTI’s Faisal Vawda said tenure period of prime minister and other key posts had also been extended. “Hence there is no harm if a period of army chief service is extended by an year.”

General Sharif is set to retire from his post in November this year.



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