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PPP is the only party with farmer-friendly manifesto: Bilawal

KHANGARH: Pakistan People Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Sunday continued his campaign in south Punjab, saying that their party was only with a farmer-friendly manifesto and will struggle for the welfare of the country.

“My struggle is not against any person or party. I am struggling against the deprivation of the people,” he said addressing a campaign rally in Khangarh town of district Muzaffargarh thanking the people for supporting him in his first election.

Bilawal said they party has never forsaken the people despite several sacrifices and has brought the same spirit of dedication to serve the nation to the people of Khangarh.

“I am struggling against unemployment, poverty and inflation. PPP is the only party that serve the poor and downtrodden.”

He said the PPP desires a nation free from exploration, rule of law where everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, and excellent education and healthcare system.

He said the Benazir Bhutto faced military dictatorship, but still served to empower the people and distributed agricultural lands among poor peasants. “The Bhutto family has given innumerable sacrifices for the restoration of democracy.”

Farmer-friendly manifesto

He said the PPP is the only party which has brought a farmer-friendly manifesto, and they will provide a ‘Kissan Card’ to insure crops, reduce prices of fertilizers, provide subsidy and interest-free loans.

Furthermore, he said the PPP after coming to power will provide emergency funds for wheat, cotton, and other crops, and will strengthen the agricultural sector and the welfare of farmers.

He also assured sugarcane growers that the CPR (cane price receipt) will be given the status as the checked price. Under the CPR, each sugar factory mentions the weight and rate of sugar cane bought as well as the date when it was supplied to the sugar mills.

Furthermore, the party will issue ‘Food Cards’ under the hunger alleviation program, which will provide essential food items at lower prices, and food stores will be set up at union council level which will be run by women providing them employment and a source of income.

He said the PPP has always stood for a separate province in south Punjab, while some politicians have recently raised the issue. “Jati Umrah limited company has turned Punjab into their personal property.”

He said that PPP established eight hospitals and 14 universities in Sindh, while their opponents were criticising for not setting up a metro system.

Need to safeguard Benazir’s dream

He said the PPP gave interest-free loans to thousands of families, distributed 70 thousands acres lands to farmers, and set up over 200 reverse osmosis plants to provide clean drinking water.

“The people should decide whether they want health, education, and hunger alleviation. Or they want metro,” he said lashing at political opponents who he said are criticising for not setting up a metro system in Karachi.

He said that election is the struggle for the rights of the people and a prosperous nation, and the PPP wants to grant these right to the people and doesn’t merely seek to gain power.

“We will face any power for your rights. I will stand with the downtrodden and the farmers,”

“I need to safeguard the dream of Benazir and the nation,” he said urging to make the PPP victorious in the general elections on July 25.



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