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PPP leaders asked to do self-examination

Talking to media outside the Sindh Assembly, Hasan said if PPP wanted to clear the air and prevailing tension, it should address reservations of the MQM.

He slammed that the queries of the MQM were not answered during the Sindh Assembly session.

It is regrettable that three sitting MPAs embraced martyrdom during the current government with same chief minister being in-charge and government did not take any measure. Unfortunately, all the MPAs belonged to the MQM, he lamented.

He questioned the Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah about ‘dismal’ state of affairs in Khairpur, which is the home constituency of the CM. “Mr. Shah is member of assembly even before my birth, what is the plight of Khairpur today,” he asked.

The MQM leader said operation against criminals in Karachi was launched on request of the MQM, but law enforcement agencies were never provided with necessary arms and other equipments needed to fight the terrorists.



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