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‘PPP leaders transferring boatloads of dollars, pounds abroad’: Mushahidullah Khan

Speaking at the floor of the National Assembly, Mushahidullah Khan questioned what achievement Asif Ali Zardari made by criticizing the military.

“PPP leaders are transferring boatloads of dollars and pounds out of country, while up to Rs 2 billion are being recovered from their residences,” he castigated, questioning, “What did PPP do during fiver years of its reign?”

The minister also criticized the PPP for not initiating an operation against criminal elements, despite having government in Sindh.

He added that Railways and Pakistan Steel Mills were deliberately destroyed during the PPP tenure, while everyone is aware of the situation in Karachi and Larkana.

In reaction, PPP lawmaker Shazia Marri suggested PML-N ‘ to stop hiding behind the institutions, rather it should be concerned about its defeat at the hands of a Niazi skipper in Punjab’.

The session of the assembly was adjourned till 10 am on Thursday morning.



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